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Donation options: Paypal, Interac, Zeffy or in person

Make a general donation

By supporting A little helping paw, you contribute to the reduction of abandons and euthanasia due to lack of funds.

Credit card

Participate in our annual fundraiser now. No charge.



Click on the link below to access our Paypal link. Fees apply.



Make an Interac transfer from your bank's website. No charge.

In person

Visit Clinique vétérinaire HoMa (located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve)

Image de Hyunwon Jang

You can also...

Make a monthly donation

to help multiple animals a year. These contributions allow us to complete fundraising when our objective has not been reached.

Animals supported

Here are the dogs and cats who have benefited from our financial assistance program:


#3 - Napolitaine

Ingestion of a necklace requiring an operation


#2 - Mytsu

Needed mammary tumor excised


#1 - Rosy

Infection of the uterus requiring emergency sterilization

To donate by phone or check, contact us

Issuing donation receipts for tax purposes is not possible at this time. This program is a pilot project to evaluate if our system works.


If this program is successful, the Council will re-evaluate the possibility of creating a formal charitable organization to issue tax receipts. A receipt may be issued, but no tax advantage will be attributed to it.


We do everything we can to visually document supported cases so donors can see the animals they have supported.

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