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Can you apply for your pet?

Eligible patients

We have compiled a list of health problems that are treated under the A little helping paw program. If your pet suffers from any of the medical conditions below, you can apply for help.

List of conditions (A - Z)

Before submitting a request, your pet must have been evaluated by a veterinarian with one or more tests to confirm the diagnosis if applicable:

- Bladder stone

-Cherry eye

- Constipation

- Digestive foreign body

- Acute orthopedic pain*

- Entropion

- Dental fracture

- Acute gastroenteritis

- Hernia (depending on type)

- Skin infection

- Respiratory infection

- Eye infection

- Urinary infection

- Poisoning

- Severe periodontal disease

- Otitis

- Pancreatitis

- Wound/trauma

- Pyometra

- Gastric torsion

- Tumors (depending on prognosis)

We reserve the right to request the transfer of the medical file to study your request. Please note that this list may be updated without notice at any time. The removal and/or addition of medical conditions is possible in the future.

How do I apply for assistance for the program?

*We offer management of acute orthopedic pain but we do not perform orthopedic surgery (apart from resection of the femoral head and neck).

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