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 Ensuring the well-being of animals by supporting humans 

Welcome to our website!

Every donation allows us to change the lives of animals and their guardians

I want to support an animal in need

A little helping paw is managed by Clinique vétérinaire HoMa

Our goal is to help pets whose owners are of low-income that reside in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood in Montréal.
We are deeply moved by the unique and positive relationship that exists between pets and their owners.

How does it work?

To apply for financial assistance, HoMa pet owners must fill out a form and be able to prove that they live in the neighborhood. Their animal must have been evaluated by a veterinarian and a diagnosis has been established.

Medical Conditions

We understand that each request will be unique and will be handled accordingly. However, due to limited resources, we may not be able to respond to all requests.


We encourage pet owners to consider all medical care options before applying. Running out of resources? Find out if your pet's problem qualifies.

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