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Demande d'aide

Un p'tit coup d'patte est là pour aider des propriétaires d'animaux d'Hochelaga-Maisonneuve à offrir les soins nécessaires à leur chien ou leur chat. Plusieurs conditions s'appliquent pour qu'une demande soit admissible à ce programme d'aide.


  • Le propriétaire de l'animal doit résider dans le quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve à Montréal

  • Le client ne doit pas avoir de compte en souffrance

  • Le bénéficiaire doit avoir un faible revenu (35 000$ par an et moins)

Qualité de vie

  • La condition médicale de l'animal doit nuire à sa qualité de vie de façon considérable ou mettre sa vie en danger et être comprise dans la liste des conditions admissibles

  • L'animal doit avoir une espérance de vie d'au moins un an

Répartition des frais

  • Le propriétaire doit assumer le tiers (33%) des coûts des soins médicaux nécessaires pour l'animal

  • La clinique vétérinaire traitante assure 17% des coûts

  • Le programme Un p'tit coup d'patte assure 50% des soins approuvés

Nous avons créé une liste de conditions médicales admissibles pour ce programme.


Veuillez prendre note que cela ne garantit cependant pas que votre demande sera acceptée.


Soumettre une demande

Si vous êtes dans une situation financière précaire, Un p'tit coup d'patte pourrait vous soutenir en couvrant une partie des soins vétérinaires lors de procédures essentielles à la survie ou à la qualité de vie de votre animal. Les demandes seront examinées par un comité de sélection composé de membres de la clinique vétérinaire et de représentants du programme. Les décisions seront basées sur les critères d'admissibilité énumérés ci-dessus.

  • Can neighborhood organizations apply?
    Our program is intended for individuals who have an income of less than $35,000 per year and who live in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. We may make an exception if we are contacted by a homelessness support organization when an animal needs urgent medical care.
  • Do you help animals who need long-term care?
    Unfortunately, our limited resources require us to focus on care that is achievable in the short term (maximum of one year). We cannot cover the costs of treatment and monitoring over long periods, otherwise the number of animals we could help would be much smaller.
  • Will I be helped if my pet needs long-term medication?
    Our limited resources unfortunately do not allow us to provide financial support to families over long periods. We are unaware of an organization that covers this type of expense for individuals. Our approach is based on access to immediate care for different medical conditions.
  • Can we apply for an animal that has been evaluated at another clinic?
    We are willing to help dogs and cats who have been examined by a veterinarian from another clinic.
  • What animal species are accepted?
    We help families who have a dog or cat in need of medical care. We do not participate in the care of animals of other species such as exotics.
  • What documents can I present as proof of residence?
    Here is the list of documents accepted if your address is up to date: - Electricity bill - Internet and telephone bills - Insurance document - Passport - Driver’s license Invoices and documents must be dated within the last 60 days. If you do not have one on hand, identification with your up-to-date address will be accepted.
  • What documents can I present as proof of income?
    Here is the list of accepted documents: - Income tax assessment notice - Tax return - Payslips - Letter from employer - Certificate of social benefits - RSA (Revenu de solidarité active aka ‘social welfare benefits’) certificate - Any other official document The submitted document must be from the last year and must include your full name. If in doubt, contact us to check if you are eligible.
  • How much and when do I have to pay?
    The costs are distributed as follows: - The owner must assume 33% of the costs of medical care necessary for the animal when they are discharged. - The veterinary clinic covers 17% of expenses (with a discount applied to the invoice). - The Un p’tit coup d’patte program will cover 50% of the costs when completing the payment. You will have to pay your share when the animal leaves the clinic. If you already have a debt with us, your request will automatically be denied.
  • Can I collect donations to cover my share?
    Since we fundraise for the animals we help, their families cannot create a Gofundme, or any other donation drive on their own.
  • How can I help raise awareness about the program's fundraising?
    To help us care for your pet, it is possible to share our communications using social media and our website to encourage people to make donations. Feel free to share our content on Facebook groups, on your personal profile, and send emails to your contacts!
  • Can the program cover specialized food?
    We cannot afford to help families purchase veterinary-grade food long-term; but we invite you to continue the diet if it was recommended by a veterinarian.
  • What happens if you raise excess donations for an animal?
    This amount will be used to save another animal or to help us cover costs related to the maintenance of the program (website fees, monthly bank fees, etc.)
  • Who will make medical decisions if problems arise?
    In the event of complications following the care to which this program has contributed, it is very possible that we will not be able to help you further. Unfortunately, we must set a limit on our expenses per animal to be able to help other families. If we can help, the decisions will be made with you as we cannot cover medical expenses that we have not pre-approved. If you decide to seek treatment without consulting us, we will not be able to contribute further. If we have to stop supporting you as fees continue to rise, you remain the owner of the animal, meaning you can still make all decisions regarding your pet, and we will be here to advise you in the process.
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